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14 Years . . .

In July 2012, we begin our fourteenth year. This is a very exciting time for us. As you glance through our website, you will find that each center has different educational groups and different social events. If you are having mental health problems, come visit us and perhaps you will learn a new way to take care of yourself, concentrating on HOPE and RECOVERY.

Serenity Steps in Berlin, NH, a Region 1 Peer Support Center

serenitysignSerenity Steps is a great place to be! We offer a variety of groups and fun activities. We hold a group every day—Monday's is our peer support group (we call that group "Staying Sane"), Life Skills/Goals Group (Tuesdays), Peaceful Path Group and Moving Towards Group (Wednesdays), Self-Discovery (Thursdays), and a WRAP and IPS Group (Friday). There are people who understand what living with a mental health challenge can be, and that recovery from those is possible. We learn from each other, and it's a safe place to risk trying new things and new ways of relating to ourselves and others.

We provide more than just a support or educational group. We also have movie nights, game nights and a meal most Fridays. The coffee pot is always on, so come down and join us.

Welcome, From Team Leader Ellen:

I had been working at Serenity Steps since it opened, in July of 2003. I am now the Team Leader. Peer support has become important to my life. In fact, it has saved my life. Being involved with peer support has taught me about moving forward and the difference between being stable and having a life.david I used to be in the hospital a lot, but I have been able to avoid a major crisis for many years now. I am not cured, I will always have a mental illness—but my attitude has changed. I may be a person challenged by mental illness, but I am no longer held victim by a major mental illness. Peer support is more than a job; it is my means of survival.

We talk a lot about mutuality at Serenity Steps. This mutuality colors how I relate to others and to myself. My relationships have evolved from me being the powerless consumer of services, to me teaching and learning with others. I learned at Serenity Steps how I can support others, and also receive support. I have learned to challenge how I see the world, and to be brave enough to risk change.

terriOne important thing about being at Serenity Steps is that I can share what I've learned with others. I have been in that place of darkness. I understand, in a way professionals never can, what it feels to be in that unpleasant place—how it feels to be sick and feel there's no way out—how scary that place is, and how much effort it takes to move forward. When I had learned that others have moved out of that place, it gave me hope that I could also move forward. Working in peer support gives me the opportunity to pay it forward because I am now able to pass that hope on to others.

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